Whether for business or for pleasure, a one-day trip or year-long adventure, and anywhere in the world; BrokerUnion is here to help you get the best and most affordable travel insurance from the leading providers in Canada.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance can protect you from a number of unforeseen events that can occur on a trip. It includes several different types of coverage, but most fall under these categories:

1.     Medical coverage
2.     Trip cancellation or interruption insurance
3.     Life insurance in the event of accidental death
4.     Baggage or personal items loss
5.     Evacuation insurance

How do I Know if I Need Travel Insurance?

All travelers should have travel insurance. Regardless of the length, destination, and method of transportation of your trip, accidents and illnesses can occur at any time and travel insurance is a smart way to prepare for the potential unexpected.

Travel insurance is the easiest thing to pack and also the most important. Protect yourself and your trip with a travel protection plan from BrokerUnion. The process is this simple: