BrokerUnion is an insurance Brokerage located in Pickering, Ontario. Let’s get one thing straight- we’re not a call center; we are a local brokerage that represents and focuses on our clients and meeting their unique insurance needs. Our licensed and experienced staff are the heart of the organization, and will work together to provide multiple coverage options and protect what is important to our clients. We have developed strong and trusting partnerships with some of the largest insurance carriers in Canada, and can provide our clients with Home, Auto, Business, Life and Living Benefits Insurance products.

Give us a call at (905) 492 – 7070 today. One of our licensed brokers will be happy to assist you.

Our Core Values

We have six core values that we follow each and every day:

1. Best in Class Customer Service (B)

We commit to hiring experienced and talented licensed advisors who take pride in the people they help.

2. Respect for Our Clients, Employees and Community (R)

The foundation of a great relationship is by respecting our customers, employees and giving back to our community.

3. Ongoing Improvements (O)

Your feedback is always appreciated so that we can continue serving our clients better.

4. Knowledge (K)

Maintaining highest industry standards, remaining up to date on the latest insurance legislation so that we can provide the best advice possible.

5. Exceeding Your Expectations (E)

Everything we do revolves around our customers. We don’t just plain to meet expectation, we plan to exceed them.

6. Relationship (R)

We take the time to get to know our customers and partners. Their trust in us means more than just a policy number.

Companies We Represent

As a brokerage, BrokerUnion understands the value of developing numerous business connections with insurance providers who share its values of honesty, openness, and compassion. In order to offer their clientele the best range of products on the market to suit all of their needs, BrokerUnion has partnered with numerous significant players in the insurance sector.

Below are the companies we represent:

Meet the Pickering Team

BrokerUnion Muqit

Muqit Aziz


BrokerUnion Christine

Christine Khan

Office Manager

BrokerUnion Lorraine

Lorraine Bruce

Compliance Manager

Broker Union Icon Small

Nizar Zeineddine

CS & Business Development

BrokerUnion Fatih

Fatih Dogan


Neru Nesanayagan

Associate Broker

BrokerUnion Fred

Fred Wadera

Associate Broker

BrokerUnion Papillon

Papillon Absolor

Associate Broker

BrokerUnion Kazi

Kazi Habib

Associate Broker

BrokerUnion Zahid

Zahid Haque

Associate Broker

Shujie Zhang

Associate Broker

Marzia Begum

Associate Broker

Susan Smith

Insurance Advisor

BrokerUnion Vickey Evans

Vickey Evans

Life Insurance Specialist

BrokerUnion Aras

Aras Aras

Associate Broker

BrokerUnion Kazi

Kazi Rahman

Senior TSR

Ganesan Arumugam

Associate Broker

Meet The Barrie Team

BrokerUnion Laura Vivian

Laura Vivian

Branch Director

Brandon Clarke

Associate Broker

Meet The Broker Nation Team

A division of Brokerunion Insurance Inc.
BrokerUnion Harish

Harish Nalliah

Branch Director

Alan (AJ) Roaring

Associate Broker

Vishnu Arul

Associate Broker

Sharmin Hossain

Associate Broker

BrokerUnion Linghan

Linghan Thampu

Associate Broker

Multiple Locations To Serve You Better

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Financial Disclosure

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Note: Commission rates are subject to change without notice.

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