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What is Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance?

Commercial General Liability insurance will protect you against uncertainty and will cover liability claims against your business if you are ever held liable for third party damage, injuries, or death caused by your operations. Without a proper CGL insurance plan in place, you put your company at serious risk that could lead to heavy financial losses.

There are four main types of coverage in CGL policies which include:

  • Bodily injury & Property Damage Liability 
  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Payments
  • Tenants Legal Liability


Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability

If your organization, employees, products and/or services are held responsible for causing property damage or physical injury, this coverage may protect you against the loss of legal liability. If found legally responsible, your organization may have to pay compensatory damages to the third party who was injured or experienced a loss. This policy is designed to help pay for these damages.

Personal Injury Liability

This coverage responds to the injury of the reputation of one’s character, position, and/ or image within their community. These are essentially the negative affects causing emotional pain and suffering on a person which may be caused by verbal defamation, written defamation, false arrest, malicious prosecution, and other related actions which may result in harm to one’s reputation. This policy is designed to protect you should you be accused of something untrue and harmful to your character.

Medical Payments

Medical payments policy covers the medical expenses of a third party should they be accidentally injured while on your business property or as a result of your company’s operations. This coverage may be used to mitigate the event of a lawsuit.

Tenants’ Legal Liability

If you, the tenant, were to cause damage on a landlord’s property this policy could legally cover damages. For example, if equipment you were using exploded and caused damage in a rented business unit, this portion of the policy would compensate the landlord for damages on their property.

Professional Liability - Errors and Omissions (E&O)

This insurance covers liability on professionals arising from failing to render professional services causing damages to clients. Errors and Omissions insurance (E&O) protects business professional by covering their assets, ensuring that there will be enough funds to pay for damages incurred if the professional’s services are deemed faulty, and paying for the professional’s defense if a client makes a claim.

In Ontario, errors and omissions insurance is mandatory for professions such as financial consultants. Other business professionals who might need the same policy insurance include computer consultants, software developers, planners, architects, accountants.

Manufacturers Insurance

This insurance policy is built to provide comprehensive coverage to manufacturing business owners. In the manufacturing industries, you are typically exposed to heavier risks than other business types, which makes manufacturing insurance so important to safeguard each of these unique risks. The three areas of protection that manufacturing business insurance often covers include:

  • Public and product liability which protects the company in the even that someone is injured on the premises or due to products that were sold to them
  • Business interruption insurance which protects against the loss of income after an event that causes the company to cease operations for a period of time
  • Coverage for plant, machinery, stock and trade contents which is designed to protect against damage to company on-site possessions, such as machinery

Insurance can greatly vary among industries and professionals; we know that the process can be confusing and time-consuming. Let us do the work for you.