BrokerUnion is dedicated to shielding your privacy in line with all Canadian Information Security Laws as well as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act. Coming up next is intended to educate you about how we handle your own data, our duties, and your privileges as for the assortment, beliefs, and utilization of your own data.

Information disclosed by you

We gather individual data from you when you ask about our protection approaches, demand a statement, apply for protection, make an installment, or open a case under your protection strategy. Your name, contact data, conjugal status, driver’s permit, vehicle or property portrayals, advance or home loan subtleties, and installment or banking data are all incorporating by this data.


As authorized by law, we likewise assemble information from a fraction of third parties. Protection specialists and merchants, insurance agencies, government bodies, customer revealing organizations, protection agents, home temporary workers, auto shops, and other outsiders who can give data about or administrations identified with you or your guaranteed vehicle or property are all united by this law. However, we do as such with your assent, or in any case, affirm the outsider legitimately gathered the data and can impart it to us. This data incorporates individual data, for example, (however not constrained to):

Driving record and claims history

  1. Credit information
  2. Accident reports
  3. Witness statements
  4. Medical records
  5. Calls, online chats, and other communications

Why we collect, use, and disclose information

We accumulate, control, and uncover individual data for various reasons including (however not constrained) to: 


  1. serve you better and communicate effectively with you;
  2. verify your identity and property;
  3. assess and underwrite insurance risks;
  4. determine prices, fees and premiums;
  5. investigate and adjust insurance claims;
  6. settle or arrange for the settlement of insurance claims, including structured settlements;
  7. promote and market products and services offered by us, our affiliates, or our strategic partners and alliances, which may include insurance companies, insurance brokers, agents, adjusters and other intermediaries;
  8. conduct market research;
  9. recognize and deliver relevant ads to you on our and third party websites and apps;
  10. report to regulatory or industry entities consistent with prudent and legally required insurance industry practices, including claims history;
  11. detect, prevent and suppress fraud, unauthorized, or illegal activities;
  12. comply with all applicable laws, including tax requirements;
  13. Share your information with third-party service providers for external processing such as data or payment processing;

share your information among our affiliates for any of the above purposes. 

When we disclose information

Our protection practices and every single material law is stable enough for us to expect them to secure and deal with your own data when we unveil your individual data to the third-parties. Additionally, your data and information may now and again be stored outside of Canada by the third-parties. On the off chance that your own data is prepared or put away in an outside nation, it will be dependent upon that nation’s laws and might be uncovered as per those laws.

How to correct and access your information

Under the policy you have the right to request correction of your personal information, and have access to your personal information under our control, subject to and legal restrictions or rights of refusal. While accessing your right we might charge you a fee for copying and sending the information from your file.

How to withdraw your consent

You can withdraw your consent to the collection from the use of disclosure and personal information, subject to limitations, but we may not be able to provide you with our insurance and services or best rates.